Why should your content be on Roku?

Why should your content be on Roku?
With more than 51 million active accounts globally, Roku continues to break records; In 2019, the sales director for Latin America announced 30 million active accounts in the world, and during 2020 (possibly with the help of circumstances), it almost doubled.

It also continues to be the No. 1 selling operating system for smart TVs in the US and Canada according to the Weekly Retail Tracking Service. During 2020, it was present in 38% of all televisions sold in the US and in 31% in Canada.

Since the creation and launch of its own player in 2008, it has remained the undisputed leader of streaming players; and later, in 2014 it began to be present as an operating system in smart TVs from various brands such as TLC, Hisense, Philips or Sharp. In 2019, it opened its channel store to almost all of Latin America and with the help of Hisense it also reached Europe.

In 2020 there were more and more channels of live TV networks in the Roku channel store beginning to transmit their signal by streaming, there were so many that the platform decided to open a new category of live TV within the also new grid navigation just recently. released just last year. If Roku was seen as the new way of streaming TV that would displace traditional cable TV, the trend indicates that this is starting to happen.

Source: Roku Inc.
Credits: Roku Inc.