Digital television, the fastest growing technology in Mexico

Digital television, the fastest growing technology in Mexico
The module on Availability and Use of Information Technologies in Households (MODUTIH), in its 2015 results, captured with respect to the availability of digital television sets in Mexican households, that as of the second quarter of 2015, 50.0 percent it had one of them, a figure that represents an increase of 18.9 percentage points with respect to 2014, making it the technology with the highest growth in Mexico.

Below is a graph indicating the availability of televisions according to their technology:

It also turned out that the Internet is available in 12.8 million households (39.2 percent of households nationwide).

The MODUITH in Mexico aims to generate statistical information that allows to know the availability and use of information and communications technologies in homes and their use by individuals six years of age and older in Mexico.

The truth is that about three or four years ago, we did not have this infrastructure in Mexico, and for that reason the concept of Internet television was still distant; Both the transition to the digital signal in the whole country and the increase of the Internet service were the ones that have turned on the green lights so that this is now possible.

Source: INEGI