Roku is back in Mexico

Roku is back in Mexico
It was almost 2 years since Mexico was banned from selling it by many beloved streaming box, which also gave them the funniest moments on TV. The sale of the device was first banned as a "preventive" measure and later it was definitely forbidden to distribute it throughout the country; The problem: the distribution of material without copyright permits over the Internet. To return the company had to make an absurd (yes) fight against "piracy", this is what caused him to alter their channels, amending some and eliminating many others. This fight was forced, but, Necessary? Certainly No. The Internet remains free has been and so we want it to continue. However the intention was good, it's just that ending piracy, is something that does not end prohibiting the sale of a product. And in spite of everything, Roku is here again, but he could not return without bringing a gift with him. It does not sound bad:

"3 months FREE * of EstrellaTV" with the purchase of any new Roku® device.

Finally the words of the company on his blog were:

"We are happy to return to Mexico and participate in the Good Weekend with these special promotions.

Happy streaming! "

To enjoy, that the wait was long but finally rewarded and then surely we will have to see more surprises to end the year.

Roku and the Roku brands are owned by the company Roku Inc.